IT was dark inside the room. The young boy lay nestled under the quilts in his bed. Staring out of the window, he looked unblinking at the many stars and constellations, trying hard not to think about the deficiency of light around him. There was always a constant fear in the air. However, this was […]

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The Sacrificial Fire

I sat crossed legged before the Yagya vedi. It was the third day and most auspicious. Vermilion red were my fingers as I began drawing the Mandala onto the mud. Dexterity and patience were the only two requirements in this work of art, and the two remained most abundant in my being. As devotees offered […]

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Brewing a Storm

“I admire how the lightning sparks, and the thunder cracks.” She said, as I held her close to my chest, watching the horizon, together, turn grim and the day turn dark. I felt my heart skip beats with each loud bang from above. I felt my grip around her tauten with each gush of wind, […]

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LAST night I spent an hour talking to an old friend. The kind of friend you’re as close to as you are to yourself, but due to peculiar reasons, rarely find the opportunity to convey that emotion, thereby creating a strange paradox, and a flow of infinite topics of conversation over finite occasions, addressing each […]

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Remember me when you gulp in that spirit; when the liquid flows down your throat, and seeps into your veins. Remember me when you feel the rush; making it’s way into your organs and blood, causing singular objects to appear as plurals. Remember me when you let out that uncontrolled giggle; that escalates into frantic […]

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THE leaves had begun to redden. The slightest spew of wind freed them, as they joined the wind, across the evening sky. Some of them landed on the waters of the lake. The wind continued to play with them. As they floated on the surface, they seemed to awaken a deep metaphor. Various leaves came […]

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The Girl by the Blood Moon

I don’t write for glory or fame. I write because the blood in my body flows through the veins and arteries and into my pen; so that the words I write may bleed; so that they may drip like a leaking faucet; so that men as tough as roots that keep trees from hurling down, […]

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Throes of Love

Aches, pangs, pricks, stings.  Today I requested my heart to pardon me. I have been begging for it’s forgiveness for rows of weeks, serially.  Again and again I hear it saying, “But, why?”. And repeatedly I whisper, “If only I knew.” I try to take it places, away from things that would remind it of […]

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JUST outside the windows of the coffee house, people were walking around in their umbrellas. Little children wearing their colourful raincoats. A group of the said tiny humans could be seen splashing and jumping into tiny puddles; their boots keeping them dry and their smiles and giggles constant. The traffic was mellow for the season […]

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Pushing her hip against his. Daring him to grab them. He dared. She succeeded.

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